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Erewash Ramblers

Gotham & Thrumpton - 3 December 2015

On a fairly miserable day, a good group of us made our way to Gotham in Nottinghamshire, for a six mile walk led by Michael Throup.

It was a walk that was full of surprises, and, despite the weather, it was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Gotham is renowned for its legends, the most famous one being the “Mad (or Wise) Men of Gotham”. To prevent a road being built through the village (for which they would be responsible for the upkeep) in the twelfth century, the locals feigned madness, and King John accordingly avoided the area. One of the tricks they played was to fence in a bush in order to keep the nesting cuckoo captive. It worked… giving rise to a local saying that “There are more fools passing through Gotham than actually live there”.

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Well, the first surprise was that the village provides somewhere for you to sit to put your boots on on a rainy day!

This is actually the site of the village pump, and on the inside of the roof you can read about the various legends surrounding the community.