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Erewash Ramblers

Hemington, Lockington and East Midlands Airport - 29 November 2015

In a change to our normal system with photographs, this page is being uploaded a month before we go on the walk - it is not what we saw, but what we will see!

Maybe it’s a means of whetting your appetite (to show that a walk around the airport is more interesting than you might think), or maybe it’s because we can’t be sure that anyone will actually want to get their camera out at the end of November!

Whatever, it is an interesting walk, and although it is just over 8½ miles long, it is an easy 8½ miles, and is well recommended.

(Click on the forward/backward arrows to scroll through the photos - click on any photo for a larger image.)

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So, what will we see on this walk?

Well, the chances are that there will be the odd plane. But they’re not that frequent, and they’re not all Ryanair jets - East Midlands still has plenty of light aircraft using the runway.